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Chandra Cantor and I are very excited to visit beautiful Cotsa Rica for our 8th annual Yoga Retreat. You can register for this wonderful retreat at:
and/or email me with any questions at

Ah, the crisp fall weather is soon upon us! As the fullness of summer ripens into the completion of the growing cycle in fall, we too can celebrate completion, and the harvest that fall brings. We will practice with the elements of fall in mind: breathing practices (pranayama) to strengthen our lungs and mirror the breezes of the season, twists to ring out and release all the juiciness of summer's fruits and tonify our digestion. Restorative poses to prepare us for more quiet and contemplative times, energy building poses to ground us into our full swing fall schedules. What a joy and gift it is to embody the changing of the seasons on your mat. I am  looking forward to celebrating this gorgeous time of year with you!

Click below to register:

Hi Yoga Loves!

I wanted to spread the word about a lovely class I'll be teaching this Friday evening, January 24th, 2014, at Black Crow Yoga Studio on Broadway in Arlington, MA.
It is a 75 minute class, from 7-8:15PM, accompanied by live cello music, performed by my friend and amazing yogi herself, Rachel Barringer.  If you're interested in a magical, mellow, musical, yogic Friday night out, come on over!  It is a good idea to register for this class in advance, as it may get quite full......
Here's a link to the studio, a description of the class, and a way to register online.....
The class, by the way, will likely NOT be heated, as my weekly Monday morning class is usually *gently* heated at Black Crow.  
Hope to see you there!


to register for this wonderful retreat, visit:

Double Practitioner Thai Workshop with Ariela Grodner, October 19 and 20, 9AM-6PM.
I am hosting Ariela this coming weekend.  If you are interested in more information and/or attending, please be in touch with me.  More information on the course is on Ariela's website:

Please note my new business phone number, 
Some of you may already have this phone number, as it is my cell phone of many years. Consolidating, simplifying, maybe one day, I'll even get a smart phone and enter the 21st century :).  

Boston's May Jam!  This is a favorite event for Contact Improvisers, near and far.  Come on over to the Masonic Hall in Cambridge for a great weekend of dancing , great food, amazing music, and the best community! 

May 24-26th
Masonic Hall
1950 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA
for more information on this event, check out 

A little yoga!
I'll be co-teaching a Yin/Yang Yoga Class with Julianne Corey! 

Sunday, April 28th, 10-11:30AM
Namo Yoga Studio
21 Belmont Street
Cambridge, MA

I'm so excited to begin teaching in the Boston area again.  This is a special one-time class Julianne and I are co-teaching.  Stay tuned for more regularly scheduled options....

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