Robin E. Shaw - Offering Therape

One of the jewels of my offerings, this modality addresses chronic issues – pains, injuries, emotional holdings - and offers the opportunity for change on many levels.  

Many have heard of Rolfing, the genius creation of Ida Rolf, the woman who pioneered this work of Structural Integration. I am a certified KMI Practitioner, a form of Structural Integration (SI) passed on to me by Tom Myers, a student of Ida’s, and a now famous SI teacher and pioneer in his own right. 

We work with the fascial system of the body, a body system that gives us our shape, our posture, our general “bearing” in the world.  Because of its physical makeup, fascia takes on holding patterns.  These shapes may be uncomfortable, and may no longer serve us.  
Using deep, slow techniques that speak and dance with our fascial net, we create an environment for shift; for better posture, less pain, more integrated balance throughout the body, as well as expanded options for movement, agility and awareness. 
Each session begins with a postural analysis, where we will visually see what your posture and structure can tell us.  We then move to the table, or sitting or even standing or in movement, to explore the work.. 
 Very little lotion is used, for a deep, high “drag” experience.  

Ways of Working: 
There are several ways to experience Structural Integration Bodywork. 

The most in-depth experience is the 12-session series, which will systematically address each of your myofascial meridiens – continuous fascial sheaths found throughout our body’s map.  

Each session focuses on one line, unraveling chronic holdings, creating balance within these complicated and graceful webs of movement and posture: 
Session 1: The Superficial Front Line 
Session 2: The Superficial Back Line 
Session 3: The Lateral Line 
Session 4: The Spiral Line 
Session 5: The Deep Front Line, Part One 
Session 6: The Deep Front Line, Part Two 
Session 7: The Deep Back Line 
Session 8: The Arm Lines 
Session 9: The Crown – neck, head, face 
Sessions 10, 11, 12: Integrative Sessions 

This 12-session series is for you if you’d like to experience a full tour of your being.  It is a wonderful piece of work, and a gift to yourself that will offer you so much in the way of learning about you and how your body works.  

Another way to work is a 3-session series.
A great taster for the work, this is a wonderful experience all on its own. 
The focuses are more general: 
Session 1: Lower Body focus 
Session 2: Upper Body focus 
Session 3: Integrative focus 

This is great if you’d like a taste of the work or a tune up if you have already experienced the full series.   

A third option for a Structrual Integration experience:
You can also just come for an SI session here and there, and we can work on whatever is “up” for you at the moment.  

I highly recommend this work for people from all walks of life, who are experiencing chronic pain, ongoing questions about alignment, and/or feel "stuck", and ready to move on in life's journey.

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