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Wisdom Flow Coaching
Working together for 
Clarity, Courage, Wisdom, Alignment

What is Life Coaching?
Life Coaching is an opportunity to research, experiment and review important life choices, decisions and pathways with a skilled, empathetic professional. A Life coach will listen deeply, consider you a creative, resourceful and whole person, be willing to challenge you, and hold you accountable. . All of the work done together is to forward and deepen your life experience. 
A session begins with a topic of the client’s choice, and may include talking, moving, role-playing, visualization and silent introspection. You may have homework to work on in between sessions. A session could happen over the phone or in person.
It is not often that we have the opportunity to focus on ourselves, the pieces that really matter, and are a backdrop for how we may live full, meaningful, connected lives. Shift doesn’t happen easily, and life coaching is a venue to support lasting transformation.

My offering, WISDOM FLOW COACHING  is for you if you are on the verge of, or are in a season of Transformation. 
Life transitions, chosen and/or
organically thrust upon you can be an opportunity to embody and Reconnect 
 to the best of who you really are, 
 to what is important to you, 
 to your  Visions, Purpose & Goals
 to find your Inner and Outer Support Network 

You may need support with simple, daily tasks and steps, and/or you may be dreaming up your biggest creative project yet! 
You may be ready to step more fully into who you really want to be.
If you are STUCK, scared, or even terrified, this work is for you! 

Give yourself the gift of support, structure, space,  and  a great listening ear, to work through the hard parts, and re-wire your whole system, inner and outer. 
To move beyond where you thought you could go! 
To Grow!
We can work in person, or over the phone. We’ll design an alliance that feels just right. Both the thinking mind and the feeling & moving body are powerful tools that we may access during our sessions. 

An Integrative Approach, my unique and powerful offering!
Choosing a combined coaching and bodywork or movement session has powerful impact for body and mind. Bringing in healing touch and/or movement after intentional life growth work can be fully integrative, and give the coaching work a chance to wholistically settle into your system. Treat yourself fully!
This work is most effective when you are ready to commit to a Body of Work- a commitment of 3 to 6 months, 2 times per month. We can work on a personal goal or project, big or small, and together focus on living the life you want to be living.

Kindness, Compassion, Creativity

Buzzwords- Areas of Interest/Expertise:
Body Image, Embodiment, Mind and Body Connection
Relationship shifts- Marriage, Divorce, Polyamory, Death of a Partner, Loving being Single!
Career shifts- Exploring  your true calling, making the best of what is, preparing for a new job or career pivot
Life Shifts- Grief, Relocating 
Feeling Stuck- Procrastination, Overwhelm,Organization, Accountability
Sexuality and Sensuality
Spirituality, Meditation
Creative Spirit- Artists, Dancers, Creatives

We will start with a Complimentary session, to see if we are a good fit. Sign up for your session now: Please email me at:

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