Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

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Stillness. Slowing Down. Turning inwards.

We will work together with intuitive, yet precise, and very gentle hands-on holds on parts of your body, very often your cranium (skull) and sacrum. These structures, which include bones, membranes and fluids, are delicate and resilient, and they support and protect our brain and spinal cord. The intention is to correct imbalances and dysfunctions in our craniosacral system for more optimal function, health, and vitality.

This work can be very helpful for traumatic stress, physical, or emotional. It can relieve chronic pain, and increase joint freedom. It can be a powerful reset to the nervous system, reducing anxiety, fear and worry. It is deeply integrating for body, mind and spirit, healing deeply set patterns through patience and openness, rather than force or agenda. It is a space for quiet and inner journeying.

The work is done on a massage table. You are clothed and comfortable. I am working to tune in to your deepest needs, moment to moment.

This is some of the most reverent work I do. I am honored to have studied with my teacher, Hugh Milne, who has taught me the gifts of stillness, poetry, inner vision, dance, ritual, humanity, and our connections to our ancestors. I continue to be astounded by the mystery of this work.

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