Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

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Flowing, healing massage.  Deep tissue massage is designed to both relax and realign you; body and mind.  Organic jojoba oil is used to create a flowing, soothing, yet deep touch, with special emphasis on the receiver’s specific needs.  

The massage could be focused on relieving stressed, tired or injured shoulders, neck, low back, hips, legs or feet, or simply on relaxing your whole being from head to toe.  

I work with specific pressure points and deep sweeping techniques for increased blood flow to the muscles and connective tissue, and with a soothing, caring, knowledgeable attitude. 

This massage is for you if you tend to carry your stress and tension in your body, have a specific injury you would like addressed, or have a difficult time letting go of your cares and worries.  You will leave feeling relaxed, loose, refreshed, and detoxified.  

Deep tissue massage is wonderful as a regular adjunct to your self-care, preventative health-care routine.

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